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Study Suggests Food Labels List Exercise Needed to Burn Off the Calories

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If you want to eat a full sleeve of Oreos, no one's stopping you. But could this change your mind, or is it overkill?

A study in England found that instead of just calorie counts on labels, printing the amount of EXERCISE you'd need to burn them off might help people eat less.

For example, a can of Pepsi with 150 calories might say you'd have to "walk for 30 minutes," or "run for 15 minutes."  (Or, when you eat a whole "Family Size" box of Cheez-Its, just head out on a nice five-hour-long jog.)

There's already a name for that kind of labeling. It's called "PACE", which stands for "Physical Activity Calorie Equivalents."

For what it's worth, they polled people in the U.K. and most were NOT in favor of it. Only 33% said it's a good idea. But around half did agree it would probably grab their attention more than just seeing the nutritional info. 

Source: Study Finds 

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