Mariah Carey Declares Start Of Christmas Season In Most Mariah Carey Way

It's tiiiiiiimmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee!!

Tell Alexa to play Mariah Carey's holiday station because the Queen of Christmas has officially declared the start of the holiday season!

At the stroke of midnight on Friday (November 1), the "All I Want For Christmas" singer announced that Christmas season has begun by dropping the most Mariah Carey announcement video ever!

"Breaking news ❄️," the 49-year-old songstress captioned her announcement video that first showed her yawning while still in her Halloween costume with her phone in-hand and its screen reading 11:59 p.m. Seconds later, the clocked turned to 12:00 a.m. and Mariah was no longer in her costume, but in Reindeer pajamas as she received a call from Santa. "It's time," she sang before her classic "All I Want For Christmas" started to play in the background.

To make it extra official, the legendary songstress additionally shared a new version of her 1994 "All I Want For Christmas" music video that features unreleased footage. "Kicking off the festivities with a brand new video cut for All I Want For Christmas Is You (Unreleased Video Footage) ❄🎄 hope you like it!!!" Mariah captioned a clip of the video on Instagram.

As fans know, anticipation for Mariah to announce the start of the holiday season has been at an all-time high, partly due to Mariah's endless "not yet" videos.

For weeks, the pop culture icon has shared multiple videos that showed her playfully saying "not yet" as people asked her if it was time for Christmas music.

Check a few out HERE and HERE.

Photo: Getty Images