Tips for Starting a Workout Routine

If the most regular part of your fitness routine is “I’ll start tomorrow,” you’re in good company. We have good intentions, but whether it’s a lack of motivation or just not knowing where to begin, starting an exercise routine can be intimidating. But these tips and words of wisdom from personal trainers can help us start working out the right way.

  • Be clear about your goals- Know what you hope to accomplish with your workout routine, so you can decide what kind of exercise to do and how often to do it advisesJustin Seedman,a certified personal trainer and health coach.
  • Stretch it out- Before working out, fitness trainerDemi Deeadvises doing some dynamic stretching, which “involves active movement where you take your body through a full range of motion,” as well as static stretching to warm up.
  • Don't hit the ground running — too fast- If you want to start running, take it slow and don’t worry about how far or how fast you go, just that you go,” explainsStephanie Blozy,who has a masters degree in exercise science.
  • Get some at-home expertise- There are all kinds of free workouts from fitness trainers and influencers on YouTube that can help you get in shape at home if a trainer is out of your budget.
  • Pencil it in-Cary Williams, CEO of Boxing & Barbells says it’s important to stick to a schedule and that “as long as you stay consistent, you’ll see the results you’re looking for.”
  • Go for a walk- It might not be as sexy as some other fitness routines, but certified group fitness instructorShana Schneiderpoints out that walking is one of the easiest things to start doing.
  • Take a breather between workouts- We need to give our muscles plenty of rest time and spacing out workouts will help achieve this.
  • Don't make food a free for all- Sadly, breaking a sweat doesn’t mean we can eat all the brownies we want whenever we want, but fitness pros agree the occasional treat is okay.

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