79-year-old Alden Hiltunen lives in Aura, Michigan. And for the past 22 years, he hasn't been able to see because he has macular degeneration.  But recently, he got his vision BACK, when doctors at the University of Michigan implanted a telescopic lens into one of his eyes.


Apparently things are still pretty blurry for him, but he can see well enough to recognize faces and read and write again.  And get this...one of the first things he did was sit down and write a note to his wife that simply said, "I love you, Glenda."  I've never met the guy and I already love him :)


Alden's grandson Kyle posted a photo of the letter online last week, and now it's going viral.  Kyle says that when his grandmother saw it, she immediately broke down in tears. (I totally would too!) And she said that everything they've gone through to get his vision back has been worth it. 


See the picture of the note here