So the Piers Morgan show is getting cancelled.  How on earth did it last this long? Ever since he took over from Larry King it has been horrible, both to watch and in the ratings.  They could replace that show with a web cam of puppiesand I'd like it better.  (But I would like that better than a lot of shows...) Farewell Piers!

AND, not that there aren't enough cop shows on TV but this one has Jennifer Lopez! NBC is developing a show called "Shades of Blue", which will star J-Lo as "a single mother and detective, who's recruited to work undercover for the FBI's anti-corruption task force."  It's set to premiere in the fall of next year. No word, though, on what this means for J-Lo's future as an "American Idol" judge.

Did you hear that "Heroes" is coming back?  Sort of.  NBC is bringing it back for a 13-episode limited run sometime next year.  They're calling it "Heroes Reborn" so it sounds like a spin off.  They say it'll involve a new cast of characters, and that some of the show's former stars may "pop back in" for cameos.  I LOVED that show when it first came out in 2005, but it kind of went downhill fast.  It's probably smart to go into this one with a plan for only 13 episodes.