So I love my puppy, I do, but sometimes he really tries my patience!  Walter is the third English Bulldog I've owned.  He came into my life last year when I thought I'd never love another dog after losing my other two bulldogs in the same month.  Walter is only 8 months old and doesn't know his own strength.  He loves our cat Whiskers McGee and they play together all the time...they used to be the same size.   But now Walter is 50 lbs and Whiskers McGee is only 15.  I keep thinking he's going to hurt the cat but usually the cat does more damage, I think!

But speaking of damage...Walter chews things.  He owns more chew toys than any dog alive, but he loves shoes (especially if you are wearing them), TV remotes, pens, furniture legs, cat toys, cat poop, cell phones....and most recently my glasses.

Yeah....I kinda needed those.  So now I'm wearing a pair from two prescriptions ago.  Having a puppy is hard!  He is lucky that he's really cute.