President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to former Army Sergeant Kyle J. White in a White House ceremony yesterday, making him only the seventh living recipient of America's highest military honor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan. In November 2007, White, who was then a 21-year-old Army specialist and his team were ambushed after trying to hold a meeting with the elders in an Afghan village. During the firefight with the Taliban, White was knocked unconscious by a rocket-propelled grenade. When he came to, suffering from a concussion and with shrapnel in his face, White ran through gunfire to get to his soldiers, saving the life of one of them by treating his injuries, and using a radio to call for help. When a helicopter finally arrived, White only allowed himself to be evacuated after the other wounded were helped. White, who retired from the Army in 2011 and now works as an investment analyst in North Carolina, said that after the ambush he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and urged veterans suffering from PTSD to get help.