Adam Griffiths is a member of the California Highway Patrol and works out of  San Diego.

On Saturday, he was patrolling a highway in La Mesa, California when he saw  something bizarre:  A guy in a full Easter Bunny costume driving an  old-timey motorcycle with a SIDECAR attached.

The guy DID have the rabbit head on . . . but he DIDN'T have a helmet on.

So Griffiths radioed in, quote, "I'm stopping the Easter Bunny."  Then  he pulled the guy over and gave him a lecture on safety.  During the  lecture, Griffiths' partner took a photo . . . which is pretty much GUARANTEED  to be a viral sensation.

Griffiths was nice enough NOT to give the Easter Bunny a ticket . . . just a  warning.

(--So the guy took off his head, put it in the sidecar, and  headed to a charity event.  We're assuming he must have had another  helmet.)

(ABC 5 - San Diego / Gawker)