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If you're still looking around for a cheap July 4th travel destination, we just may have the list for you.  The booking website Travelocity is out with its rankings, and we've got them.

Some highlights: Travelocity Senior Editor Courtney Scott says, "Travelers looking for a good travel deal should consider checking out Orlando where airfare prices are under the national average and hotel rates have dropped more than 15-percent year-over-year. Las Vegas is another great value this July 4(th), with average nightly hotel rates of only 105 dollars."

Here's the list:


1. Las Vegas ($105)

2. Albuquerque ($112)

3. Colorado Springs ($116)

4. Memphis ($126)

5. Dallas / Ft. Worth ($126)

6. Orlando ($131)

7. Atlanta ($139)

8. Palm Springs ($140)

9. Minneapolis ($141)

10. Phoenix ($142)