(NEWSER) – 60 Minutes last night offered a window into the NSA's thinking on how to handle Edward Snowden and his cache of information. In an interview, Rick Ledgett, head of the task force investigating Snowden's impact, didn't rule out the possibility of amnesty, per CNET: It's "worth having a conversation about," though opinion is "not unanimous," he says. "I would need assurances that the remainder of the data could be secured, and my bar for those assurances would be very high," Ledgett says. It would be more than just an assertion on his part." But NSA head Gen. Keith Alexander says offering amnesty would be like giving a hostage-taker a break after several killings. In other news surrounding the segment:

  • Fearing Snowden could have left a computer virus behind, the agency has spent tens of millions of dollars getting rid of devices to which he had access, Ledgett says.

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